Notes from a Messy Kitchen

Commons Gallery, CSPS Hall, May 2nd-July 7th 2019

More of Gravy than of Grave  (left) and  Untitled  (right)

More of Gravy than of Grave (left) and Untitled (right)

Sometimes you have to break yourself into little bits and sift through them and throw some out and add some new ones and stick them back together into a new person. This is not the easiest process. Frankly, it’s a mess, and though I’ve done my best to keep detailed notes on this long dark tea-time of the soul, sometimes sensible thoughts have to give way to ecstatic bursts of color and glossy swear words. 

Herewith are some of the notes that I have taken, a mirepoix of words and pictures that more or less document two years of transition, and the evolution of this complex stew that is a human life.

Despite the process of putting this show together being something of a whirlwind, it ended up being a fascinating process giving context to two years of art-making, finding the connections that took it from a set of independent pieces to a real body of work. It became of a moment of closure and recognition for a part of my life that I think is concluding and transforming into something else.

The stories told in this show reached a variety of people in a variety of ways. Some of them were the people I most wanted to reach, and knowing they had a connection with what I had made was humbling and gratifying and frankly makes me tear up a little bit. There were other viewers whose reactions I could have done without, but everybody brings their own thing to the table, and that’s just how it is.

I’m proud of this show. I have no idea what happens next. How thrilling!

Letter to an Un-Named Girl I-III

Letter to an Un-Named Girl I-III

Recipe for an Epiphany

Recipe for an Epiphany