Violet Austerlitz

has a predilection for illustration, letterpress, silkscreen, and book making, which comprise the bulk of her work. She is ambivalent about her formal education (BA Theatre, Truman State University, 2011), but is eternally delighted to be part of a community of artists (in the Iowa City Press Co-Op) who learn something new every day.

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instagram: violet_austerlitz


patreon: violetausterlitz


If you like what you've seen and you have a desire to get something done for yourself or your organization, you can commission me for illustration, graphic design work, and job printing.

Through the facilities of the Iowa City Press Co-Op (ICPC), I can print both large and small runs of silkscreen and letterpress printed posters, cards, invitations, and other ephemera. The Press Co-Op is a community printmaking studio (part of Public Space One in Iowa City), and a percentage of proceeds from job printing done there will go to the ICPC Workshop Scholarship fund.

For full information, including pricing, please contact me via the form.