Violet Louisa Austerlitz


I draw comics about personal identity and the soil in which it grows, using digital and traditional media. I frequently explore my own experience as a queer and trans person, both literally and through the medium of sentient dandelions.

I am ambivalent about my formal education (BA Theatre, Truman State University, 2011), but I still love learning new things, and recently completed a workshop at the Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont (and I want to go back SO MUCH).

I am based in Iowa City, IA, and self-publish my own comics and zines. I am also a long-standing member of the Iowa City Press Co-Op, a community printmaking studio.

Comics and Zines

In The Satanic Mechanic Series:

The Secret Desires of Elderly Buicks (2016, print)

The Satanic Mechanic and the Complete Failure (2016, print)

Ex-Succubus (2017, print)

The Satanic Mechanic (2018 onwards, webcomic)

Whoops: Inktober Drawings from 2017 (2018, print)

Recipe for an Epiphany (2018, print)

Graphic Memoir (2018, print)

Portfolio Exchanges and Shows

The Bad Acids Print Exchange - 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2018

Horizon - August & September 2017, Grinnell Arts Center, Grinnell IA

Letter to an Un-Named Girl I-III, silkscreen print with ink wash

Iowa City Press Co-Op Cookbook - 2017, Iowa City Press Co-Op, Iowa City, IA

Femslash Chicken Awakenings, silkscreen print

Untether - November 2018, NOGO Arts, Brooklyn, NY

Recipe for an Epiphany, film recreation of the book Recipe for an Epiphany

Questions, comments, compliments, and interesting recipes may all be directed to